Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Mom Life lately with a sassy little princess :)

Lately with my little toddler princess there is a lot of sassy-ness in the house, tempers, laughing, joking, crying, talking back.... and fun!

Kaylee lately is super into dance mostly ballet and tap, gymnastics, crafting, she started sewing with me, and she loves drawing portraits (which is usually a big circle head, eyes, mouth, nose and stick arms and legs coming out of the head with spiky hair).  These are my favorite :)

She is so smart, and loves doing all of her learning books, and she loves everything to have glitter.   She is always accessorizing her outfits with a tutu, and will mostly wear Disney related things only.  She is always in dresses or tutus, with her necklaces, headbands, bracelets, and she likes my shimmer powder and chapstick :).

She is my little mini me, and I love it!!! Kay is such a great eater, and will usually try everything.  Ofcourse her favorites are Mac and cheese, unicorn cereal, tacos (tatchos) ;), and chicken pineapple pizza....ohhh and I can't forget her AVOCADOS! she always goofs around saying she wants a PBJ avocado sandwich (ew).

I love watching her read, dance and do puzzles, and I have her help me craft :)   she's my favorite little girl.



Best Dollar Store Finds for Children!

Sooo I am writing this because you can get a bunch of fun stuff for children at the dollar tree.

I will not lie, I am at the dollar tree multiple times a month..... but the great thing is everything is a buck!

Toddlers and children things you can find at the dollar store:

  • Disney Puzzles! Travel Puzzles
  • Disney dollar coloring/sticker packs
  • Craft Supplies! 
  • Toys
  • Learning activity books! Alphabet, Science, Numbers, Grade Levels, Phonics etc... they are amazing. Kaylee goes through a bunch of these books for her learning time! :) 
  • Coloring books and markers, crayons, stickers! :)
  • Play dough and bubbles! 
  • I get Disney cups and Disney cereal bowls with the straws on them :) 
  • Organization bins for her toys or craft supplies. 
Seriously I love the dollar tree, and so does Kaylee.   They even have tons of party favors, and dress up things! :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

October/November update!

Hello! Update on life: Halloween was fun we went as the Little Mermaid Theme, and I was Ursula, Kaylee was Princess Ariel and Danny King Triton.   

Now we are getting ready to stuff our faces with some turkey next week! :) As of lately Kaylee hasn't been super picky with eating and actually is eating her veggies now without me hiding them! She loves to sing, dance and do gymnastics, and dresses up in a princess outfit or as a super girl daily.  She is learning to spell her name, she can sing songs by herself and loves Taylor Swift and Imagine Dragons.  She is independent, is a little bit sassy, smart, funny, and a little shy.   I can't believe it is almost holiday time and this yr is almost over its crazy! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti 
  • 8 oz Spaghetti 
  • 2 Cups of Cooked Diced Chicken
  • 2 10oz cans of cream of chicken soup
  • 1 cup of salsa 
  • 1 cup of sour cream
  • 2 cups shredded Mexican cheese 
  • 1 Tbsp of taco seasoning 
  1. Set the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Cook pasta and drain.  (I add in cut spinach or kale while pasta cooks for veggies in casserole or you don't have to)  
  3. Cook Chicken and Dice in pieces. 
  4. Mix pasta and cooked chicken together. 
  5. Add in cream of chicken soups, salsa, sour cream, taco seasoning and cheese to pasta and mix. 
  6. Place in a greased casserole dish, and cover with foil. 
  7. Cook in oven for 15 minutes, and then serve! 

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Kaylee is 3!

I know this post is a little bit late :) 

My little Bella boo is 3 years old!!!!! Seriously how do the years keep flying by! Mommy and daddy love you so much, and love watching you explore and become your own little self! You are as your daddy calls you a "three-nager" which is worst than when you were two! You love to talk back, play at the park, get into trouble, laugh, joke, play hide and seek, read books, sing all the Disney songs and any song that comes on the radio, gymnastics, dance, watch movies, do arts and crafts, play with rocks, mimic what we say and do, put on moms makeup/shoes, clothes, hula hoop, dress up in a princess gown daily or tutu.   You are full of energy, and love to snuggle up and give us lots of kisses and hugs! You dream big, and as of the moment love all the princesses who aren't afraid to stand up for themselves aka "Mulan", "Merida in Brave", "Rapunzel", "Anna in frozen", and "Pocahontas".


Height: 37 inches tall 55%
Weight: 30 pounds 55%

Favorite Food: Mac and Cheese 
Favorite Movie: Frozen, Mulan, & Rapunzel
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Song: "Let it go" Frozen
Favorite Drink: Chocolate Milk
Favorite Toy: Pull Puppy Toy 
Favorite Princess: Anna from Frozen
Favorite Shows: Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse, PJ Masks, Puppy Dog Pals, Blues Clues, Tangled
What do you want to be when you grow up? Princess Jasmine 

Kaylee had a Beauty and the Beast Tea Party for her 3rd birthday! It was filled with her friends, family, and she had a wonderful time celebrating! "Try the Grey Stuff it's delicious"!





Kaylees Excited :) 


Mommy and daddy got a frozen scooter for our princess



Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Easy ways to hide veggies in things for kids!

I thought I would write a post of how I hide veggies into things for my daughter Kaylee.  She used to eat them when she was a baby and now she's getting picky if she sees anything green in her food.

Tips on Hidden Veggies: 

  • Smoothies: Easy way to hide spinach or kale is in smoothies.  I have Kay add them in and she eats it that way because she likes to help make things but if they are picky just show the fruit and secretly add in veggies. You can also add chia or flax in them and if you want extra protein with peanut butter! 
  • Pasta Sauces: Another way I hide veggies is with pasta sauces.  I usually will cook broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, spinach, zuchinni, or kale and then I blend it into the sauce.  It is literally the perfect way to hide veggies in.  You can also make the pasta sauce out of cauliflower or butternut squash! 
  • Chopping Veggies:Chop the veggies really tiny and then add them into quesadillas, tacos, grilled cheese.  
  • Burgers: Hiding veggies in burgers is so easy and you can't even taste it!!! Recently we made burgers and I put raw broccoli (i was gonna add carrots but didn't have any) in my ninja blender and within a second it was ground up and ready to add into the meat. Mix it in and then throw them on the grill and bam instant veggies in your meat! 
  • Chicken nuggets: Healthy chicken nuggets with mixed in veggies! It is the same concept as the burgers except you take ground chicken and mix in carrots and zucchini.  Then make them in little nuggets and pop them into the oven to bake! Kaylee loved these and ate them up like crazy. 

I hope you enjoyed these mom tips!!! :) 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

My favorite moments with Kaylee lately

Kaylee is growing up so fast, and brings funny moments and then temper tantrums.   She has her terrible two moments but then super sweet cuddle moments.  She says full sentences, is really smart and remembers everything, and if I ask her to find something she does.   She loves to say no, and sometimes she sounds like a little southern belle when she says like today "momma play iPad, peeeaasseee".  She is so full of personality, and has a shy side, and a funny goof ball side.  She loves to talk loudly, and make others laugh, and her laugh makes me smile.  She has the biggest smile, and still the bluest eyes.  Her blonde hair has soft waves of curls now, and she loves to assign disney characters to everyone. So far: she is Anna and Belle, I am Moanna, Danny is Olaf or she calls him Daddy Olaf, Uncle Josh is Sven, Uncle Chris is Hei Hei, Yiya is Elsa, Papa Ed is Maui, Grandma Ro Tinkerbell.  Bella Boo wears a tutu every day or princess dress because she is one :)  she loves copying everything I do.  She is obsessed with watching a million times a week Moana, Frozen, Tangled, Cinderella, Ariel, and Brave.  She loves Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Bubble Guppies, Lion Guard, and Elena of Avalor.  She loves wearing her apron and says everything that is the same as mine on it, and she loves matching with me.  Kaylee says "momma match me"! She is so smart at using electronics but then she loves reading every book she has multiple times. Crafting and coloring on walls is her favorite...    She loves baking and helping me prepare foods.   She especially loves making her smoothies :) I love my little one mini me!